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Title: The board that does it all?
Post by: Rx7man on August 08, 2017, 12:37:11 PM
Well, I think I've finally gotten the hang of Eagle.. some FRUSTRATING things in it, but I'm finding the workarounds.

Meanwhile, I think I mentioned earlier I wanted to make a small fuel injection controller, as well as have some kind of Lil'bb daughterboards to reduce the number of wires coming into the cab, and have it all communicate over CAN bus. 
One thing leads to another, right, and starting with an 80x100mm board and an STM32F103 ebay controller, I think I'm not doing too bad.. It nearly looks professional.

So what have I got?

4 dedicated analog/digital inputs
2 CAN bus modules (Holset CAN is slow and can't be fixed),
2 VR inputs,
4x 2amp sinking outputs (one shared with Smartlynx pin), good for driving small coils and relays.
3x spare I2C headers, one dedicated to a BME380 barometer, others for memory, RTC, etc
Battery and 5V bus monitor,
a stepper motor driver board header for a "Smartlynx" L6470 board,
2 LM1949 injector drivers
2 ignition coil drivers too (good for high power, low side switching).

Now for the components.. I'm currently using only 0805 caps and resistors.. a little bulky.. For hand soldering, should I be scared to go one size down to 0603's?
I've also considered having some of the simple components mounted on the underside.. I could save a lot of real estate and make things a lot prettier if I put at least the voltage divider circuits on the underside and save the top side for IC's... I'll do it if I have to though. 

Here's a pic
Title: Re: The board that does it all?
Post by: me78569 on August 09, 2017, 04:57:26 PM
0603's aren't bad IF you aren't doing large scale production by hand and if you have a good iron. 

The Mopar1973man high idle switch I design and make uses 0603's and I really wish I would have gone bigger, but meh.  After a few hundred you get used to it lolol.