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Installation / Re: Back again installation 101 .
« Last post by hakcenter on July 25, 2018, 04:07:00 PM »
8 / 16 is the main powering. You can power the arduino directly with it. I would suggest a key on source, like the radio.. or something similar. You don't want it powered on all the time, it is roughly a 114mA draw.

The actuator  itself will pull 10+A. I would relay it off the battery, with a fused 15A connection to the battery. You can vamp the lbb +12v line to power the relay if you need a switched power and all you have is inside the cab. The Shield cannot power the actuator.

The 4 modes, perf/cruise/brake/spare are all 10k pullups, so you just need a switch switched to ground to activate them. They can be exposed, it's entirely safe. Just may not be good if you get false triggers :)

The 5V line, is 1A fused directly on your Arduino itself. You can certainly power any sensors with it. The 3 adcs can be used to monitor their outputs as well. Definitely want to connect the ground back to #7 on the shield.

Installation / Back again installation 101 .
« Last post by Chummins on July 25, 2018, 03:42:34 PM »
More Newbie easy questions.
So I finally got my Chummins Restoration underway , new 12v P-pump ,HE351ve installed. I didn't wire  it all up yet.  Question on wiring . I purchased the 1.1 shield just under a YEAR ago! just itching to get this thing going...   
1-Do I need to power up the  Ardunio separately or will it power up through the LBB header? Pin 8 and 16
2-Also what kind of amperage will that actuator Pull ??I'm assuming i'm not connecting the 12+ and Ground from the Actuator to the header correct me if i'm wrong please.
3- what does it want for the 4  inputs ? ( again I'm assuming Ground but not sure)
4- Lastly I need a 5v source to power up some wire Sensors (3 of them) . Can I use the 5V out and GND from the Sheild (fused of course) without affecting performance?

Thanks Again for the help I'm sure I'll have more questions later. I'd really like to have a Screen later on just to show the speed and what input is being applied ... just for show and tell.

Here is a few pics of progress..
Shield or the Standalone.

They both have a 1watt 60ohm resistor across the High and Low. But that's it.

The standalone, it's R14, the SMD component bridging the 2 traces connected to 1 / 9 on the pinout.
The shield, it's R6, the gigantic resistor next to the pinouts.

I found it necessary to make canbus communication work.

If you're looking to setup some canbus communication, you need to brush up on the can library.

Code: [Select]
void read_can_data(unsigned long id, byte length) {
  if (CAN1.msgAvailable() == true) {, &length, can_data);
    // 419,415,298 = 0x18FFC502 is turbo output
    // 419,367,426 = 0x18FF0A02 is no idea
    can_id = id;
    if (can_id == 419415298) {
      can_timeout = 0;
      memcpy(turbo_flags, can_data, 8);
      turbo_position = (turbo_flags[2] << 8) + turbo_flags[1];
      turbo_temp = turbo_flags[3];
      turbo_cmd_position = (turbo_flags[6] << 8) + turbo_flags[5];
      turbo_feedback = (turbo_flags[7] / 127.0) * 100;
    } else {
  } else {

It listens to the entire canbus network it is connected to. Technically you could connect it to your vehicles bus and spy on stuff.

I'm using the shield, and I see the big 60 ohm guy on there.  Thanks for that, and for the code.  I think it makes sense so I'll play with it.

The DSL1 controller that I linked has a PID boost control system that can use a PWM output for a solenoid or whatever, but I might just have the LBB read that signal and set the vane position proportionally.  It's kinda hokey but if the command frequency on the LBB is set much higher than the boost control loop, I think it'll work fine. 
General Discussion / Re: Starting a new build
« Last post by Rx7man on July 06, 2018, 08:49:39 AM »
Dang that's where my 7/16 wrench went!

But seriously.. everything is metric, lol WTF
If it was his 10mm he'd have looked for it and save himself a turbo maybe :P
General Discussion / Re: Starting a new build
« Last post by Chewy1576 on July 06, 2018, 07:49:25 AM »
No doubt something went through it! He just said the VGT quit working, so he put a different turbo on. Oh well, I guess I have some spare parts in case something happens to the new one.
General Discussion / Re: Starting a new build
« Last post by hakcenter on July 06, 2018, 06:48:21 AM »
Dang that's where my 7/16 wrench went!

But seriously.. everything is metric, lol WTF
General Discussion / Re: Starting a new build
« Last post by Rx7man on July 06, 2018, 01:15:35 AM »
Looks like a piece of foreign material went through there.. Piece of valve, piston, wrench, or something.... Don't laugh, it happens!
General Discussion / Re: Starting a new build
« Last post by Chewy1576 on July 05, 2018, 01:48:22 PM »
Starting to make some progress on the mechanical side of the swap...

Ordered the exhaust manifold adapter and started figuring out what i'm going to do about oil and coolant lines. I got ambitious and took the turbine housing off of the turbo, then I saw a big issue, the VGT nozzle vanes are bent and disintegrating. My guess is that they crashed into the plate in the turbine housing and jammed the actuator, that's why the kid I bought it from pulled it. The plus side is that there is still hope for the actuator, and I have already found a replacement "good" turbo that didn't have an actuator. Already tested the VGT movement with the turbine housing, it moves freely and smooth.

I've also lined up a shop to help build a custom tube from the air filter to the compressor inlet, custom upper intake tube and custom downpipe elbow. They will tune the ECM also.

On the controller, I got the thermocouple amplifier functioning. I also ordered pressure sensors for fuel, boost, and drive pressures and the go-live EGT probe. Some relays, inline fuse holders, and wires too so I can start building harnesses and plugs. I'm hoping to have the swap completed by the end of the summer.

v2.0 / Re: LBB Common Code
« Last post by hakcenter on June 28, 2018, 12:07:42 PM »
v2.2.0 update

Major Changes:
  • Emulate function added
    • This will bypass startup procedures and get let the controller think the Turbo is online.
    • It also bypasses some CANBUS communication, so it is essential to turn off once you're done debugging.
  • Calibrate function added
    • Enabling calibrate will switch the output, to send the calibrate command until de-selected.
  • Bulk Data serial communication
    • This is for communicating faster.

Minor Changes:
  • Fixed some communication
    • There were times that communication got blocked up or combined either via CANBUS or Serial.
v2.0 / Re: Android development
« Last post by hakcenter on June 28, 2018, 11:19:44 AM »
I know it's been awhile, but I'll be rolling an update out probably tomorrow, tightening up stability and adding a new option for bulk data communication. Your LBB will need to updated with the newer serial code to make that option work, but it's a ton faster for data turn around.
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