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General Discussion / Re: Help with surging stand alone He300vg
« Last post by me78569 on December 18, 2017, 07:38:29 AM »

How should Baron be opening up the vanes alittle more in the 100,000 rpm area?  His truck seems to be slingshotting from the 80,000 + area causing the vanes to jump open and loose boost. 

Is he running the canned 2.0 code you have posted?  He is local to me so I wanted to increase the vane size a touch up top to try and slow the turbo accel down when at the top of the map. 

Code: [Select]
        // TOP End Control Section
               if (performance_mode && turbo_rpm <= 120000) { vane_position = map(turbo_rpm, top_end_rpm, 120000, turbo_curve[4] + performance_position, 520); }
        else if (turbo_rpm <= 120000) { vane_position = map(turbo_rpm, top_end_rpm, 120000, turbo_curve[4], [i][b]500[/b][/i]); }
        else if (turbo_rpm <= 128000) { vane_position = map(turbo_rpm, 120000, 128000, [i][b]500[/b][/i], 280); }
        else { vane_position = map(turbo_rpm, 128000, 130000, 280, min_position); }
        if (turbo_rpm > [i][b]122000[/b][/i]) {
          if (turbo_accel > 60) { vane_position -= [i][b]one_cm;[/b][/i] }
          if (turbo_accel > 90) { vane_position -= [i][b]half_cm[/b][/i]; }
        // Overrun protection
        if (turbo_rpm > 130000) { vane_position = 0; };

Thinking about moving that 500 position to 400 then adjusting the accel adjustment over 122000 to start at 100,000 and altering the change to a half and half vs one cm and half

can I just adjust the stock 2.0 code and upload or is his box running something else?
v1.0 - v1.1 / Re: My life, My coding
« Last post by Rx7man on December 17, 2017, 11:26:46 PM »
fork me gently... Head gasket is taking a dump again, and I'm not sure if I have a broken ring or something.. seems to have a little more blowby and the power didn't seem as violent as it was.. then again I had a lot of weight on it too... I'll be taking a trip to town empty tomorrow and will see what it's like

Screw Cummins head gaskets though, this is the 2nd one in 40,000 miles and it's on a freshly decked block with a new head and ARP studs, there is NO reason it should have failed.  I don't think I'm getting compression into the coolant, but perhaps some into an oil passage?  It's leaking externally pretty good around #6 cylinder.. I've dummied it up to get by a while...  It's never gotten hot either.
General Discussion / Re: Few questions
« Last post by Rx7man on December 17, 2017, 11:22:41 PM »
Whereabouts are you?
Here's my truck with a cold start.. love the sound of it when it warms up
General Discussion / Re: Few questions
« Last post by hakcenter on December 17, 2017, 01:31:21 PM »
Well you can use the brake to warm it up faster too :)
General Discussion / Re: Few questions
« Last post by adamg on December 17, 2017, 06:16:21 AM »
i guess you are right it will controlled by my fuel tunning just as the old turbo. it will be running at 250hp or less. will take some dialing in but i think will be much better than the non gated h1c which is way past due on a rebuild.

it is a john deere 648e...engine swallowed a valve and i just cant justify the crazy deere costs. i just love these cummins engines. been around them most of my life and cant beat the reliability economy and costs.

only real reason im considering this setup is i already have everything except the controller from an old project. i also like the idea of the water through the turbo for helping warmup gets cold here during winter. engine is already mated to the jd powershift its just time to get her running
General Discussion / Re: Few questions
« Last post by Rx7man on December 15, 2017, 08:49:38 AM »
i am also considering buying the standalone version of this controller for my industrial repower. it is mentioned a bluetooth android app for programming...but thats it. i was wondering what the app gives you for tuneability. i need to be able to limit the amount of boost this doable? it is going in a john deere skidder that is going to be worked daily...not my weekend race truck. any info on the app would be appreciated as it is only mentioned on the site
It depends on the power level.. If the engine is over 300 HP it'll possibly make more boost than desired even with the vanes wide open.  That said, why do you want to limit the boost? I'd try to limit the fuel at that point which would keep EGT's down.  I don't see why it wouldn't work just fine on a skidder.. is it a Clark? I know they had the 5.9's.  Should work just like an automotive application.
General Discussion / Re: Compression Check
« Last post by Rx7man on December 15, 2017, 01:57:39 AM »
My truck started to get a bit of blowby on my trip.. not terrible, and I had a good load on, but it kinda felt like the power was a little bit soft.. wondering if I have a broken ring or something.  First things first is that F(&(&ing Cummins head gasket is leaking under #6 externally, perhaps there's something internal happening as well and that's where the blowby is coming from?  Gonna have to do a compression check on it I guess.. have to buy a tester, pull the injectors.. AGAIN, then pull the head and see what things look like... I'm never using a Cummins gasket again after 2 in a row that fail within 60,000 miles and the first one taking the engine with it.
Joy joy.. Once I get all the toys I bought off the truck I'll take another spin with it and see if it's actually down on power or if it was the weight and my turbo tune wasn't aggressive enough

Oh yeah, on my trip I totally broke the drivers side engine mount.. who knows how.. right side mount had 2 bolt heads snapped off, 3rd one was loose, then my starter packed it in.
General Discussion / Re: Compression Check
« Last post by hakcenter on December 14, 2017, 06:03:52 PM »
I finally decided to just give up and tear the sum bitch down. Head has some cracks at the exhaust valves, cylinder 4 lost it's valve seal, and the spring that holds it on.
Found 1 piece in the lifter tappet area, and the other directly under the seal /lucky

Time for a full rebuild, pistons look god awful anyways. So much blow by between the compression rings.
General Discussion / Re: Help with surging stand alone He300vg
« Last post by me78569 on December 13, 2017, 08:11:43 AM »

My current tune is as follows

17000: 840
20000: 800
26000: 780
37000: 750
65000: 710

walk down rpm : 22000
idle rpm : 12000
*** however I am watching TPS so my walk down RPM is null and void unless off the throttle.
General Discussion / Re: Help with surging stand alone He300vg
« Last post by hakcenter on December 12, 2017, 10:05:12 PM »
The tuning section correlates to the turbo curve pre-top end code. So basically the 80k entry is the final step before the turbo is about to just take off.

If the turbo is taking off too fast, just continue to lower all the turbo values by 40, until it seems just about right. You want to cruise around 60k but when you push the go pedal you want it to take off. Finding the balance is the tuning part :)
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