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on: January 11, 2016, 12:27:18 PM
Well, since I'm working on this laptop display program, I was wondering about the interest in making it usable for the 'official' lilbb code... There's really not all that much to it, and once I improve and get to the things on my to-do list, it really wouldn't be that hard.

Currently, I have a timer that triggers a method that displays MOST (but not all) relevant information... Since I want to monitor variables that are internal to functions, I set a global variable I called "DetailedDebug".. It is set at the end of this method, and in each function that I want to monitor I check for it, printing to the serial port the information I want.. At the end of that cycle, DetailedDebug gets reset to false.  The reason I have to do this is twofold... One, if I did it each time it would flood the serial port, slowing things down too much... Secondly, on the display program I need about a 10ms or greater timespan where NO data is recieved, this separates the serial reading from the serial parsing and display update, GREATLY increasing the speed the serial can read at.

Though it's not the fastest way of transferring the data, it's simple, and can still be 'human read'...
<name of variable> = <value> + newline
So some examples are:
RPM.Value = 1250
RPM.Slope = -75
MAP.Value = 10
MAP.Slope = 2.3
VgtCommandPosition = 950
VgtRealPosition = 945
VgtRawTemp = 53

I read the data coming back from the VGT for the command position, real position, and temperature.. I also count the messages received, etc.

I think I can make this work for the LilBB, if there's interest in it.  For a trial run, I'll have to hard code things, to be tweaked later on... At this point I can't guarantee it won't crash and burn miserably!

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